Tomorrow at Creekstone


April 18, 1775, is a date known to every American. It was on that night that Paul Revere was sent to alert Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington, MA, that British soldiers were on the move from Boston… and were looking to arrest them. Revere’s message literally was a matter of life and death. After altering Adams and Hancock, he continued around the countryside, altering the Patriot militia. But he wasn’t the only one riding. Around 40 men on horseback were traveling the country side that night issuing the message to Patriots all around the region.

I am not Paul Revere, but I do have a message. And yes, it is a matter of life and death. And like Revere, I cannot spread the message alone. We need many riders. My prayer is that Creekstone will become a community of Paul Revere’s with the gospel. Riders who understand the message, personalize the message, and re-gift the message. 

But what is the message? Ah! Tomorrow we are going to find out. So join us and get equipped for yourself so that you can live the message out before your family and anyone who may ask you to reveal the hope that you have.

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