Toward a Profile of a Mature and Equipped Follower of Jesus

I had a meeting yesterday with a fellow pastor who talked about having a general profile for a “mature and equipped follower of Jesus.” Having this basic picture is not used to judge folks, but is used to encourage men and women who enter into a formal discipleship relationship what they can expect to see transformed in their lives as they experience spiritual formation in the context of the gospel. So today I’ve thought about this and wanted to jot down a few ideas. Here goes (and I’m using “his” so as not to have to write “his/hers,” though both are meant).

A mature and equipped follower of Jesus… 

  1. Has an acute awareness of his moral inability to live a godly life.
  2. Has an acute awareness of God’s radical love for him in Jesus — seeks to live all of life in view of the cross
  3. Sees his need for God’s propitiation of his sin more and more over the years, not less.
  4. No longer fears condemnation.
  5. Is confident of his justification by grace alone through faith alone.
  6. Is confident of his adoption in love, and regards God as his/her “Abba”
  7. No longer defines his identity (self-image) by accomplishments or failures, but by being a treasured, chosen, adopted son or daughter of God.
  8. Finds his life in an imputed righteousness that is received from God rather than in a self-woven righteousness that is achieved before God.
  9. Manifests a genuine humility.
  10. Repents quickly, but also deeply and genuinely (not just of the fruit sin, but of the root sin). 
  11. Is eager and willing to forgive others.
  12. Has an unusual desire to bless (love) others.
  13. Loves spending personal time with the Father.
  14. Prayer is a first resort rather than a last resort. He turns his worry list into a prayer list.
  15. Savors opportunities to express his/her gratitude for God’s grace in worship as he boasts in the cross of Jesus.
  16. Boasts in his weaknesses.
  17. Uses his spiritual gifts for the benefit of others.
  18. Is not known to complain or criticize. He commends before he critiques, and always in a way that is seasoned with grace.
  19. Loves truth (in the context of grace).
  20. Loves grace (in the context of truth).
  21. Knows how to share the gospel personally and simply, and actually does so.
  22. Desires to grow in his theological knowledge, so as to grow in grace and know Jesus more intimately.
  23. Seeks to view all of life through the lens of a biblical world-view.
  24. Is more and more astonished by God’s grace to him personally.
  25. Is generous.
  26. Is safe for others to share their weaknesses with.
  27. Is mindful of the spiritual conflict being waged in his heart with the flesh and in the world with the devil. 
  28. Loves the church, the body of Christ. Supports and whole heartedly participates in the mission.
  29. Respects authority.
  30. Is empowered by the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control, etc.

What would you add to this profile?




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