From the Archives: Living in Light of the Gospel

This is an excerpt from the sermon archives that I thought rings true for what we’ll be talking about over the next several weeks.

“The gospel is about spiritually dead sinners, objects of judgement, being raised to new life and given new eyes to see that on a cross, Jesus became the object of judgement in my place, as my substitute. It is knowing, that as hard as I try, I can never be good enough—but that I am accepted anyway, because of the goodness of Jesus’ that is granted to me as a gift. Jesus was perfectly good for people like me who are not.

So, true Christianity is not about my being good, but about my receiving grace. And the dynamic of grace is that when it begins to get in my spiritual bloodstream, I begin to change. I begin, quite supernaturally, to do good. I begin to confess my faults in genuine repentance and forgive others of their offenses against me. I begin to close my computer, turn off my cell phone and play with my kids. I begin to date my wife again and show her new affection. Worship becomes a delight and not a duty. I begin to do the chores around the house that I promised I’d do months ago. A new desire to put others first and to bless them begins welling up in my soul. But this goodness is not my goodness. Rather, it is the result of the Holy Spirit producing his fruit in my life from within, by his power.”

This is the life that lives in light of the gospel.

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