Understand the Bible in Five Weeks

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The Bible is not merely a compliation of wise sayings and propositional truths. It is not legend or falble. It is a true story rooted in real history. Whether or not you are familiar with the narrative flow of the story, our Advent sermon series, Advent from 40,000 Feet, will give you an overview of the entire Bible from beginning to end. In just five weeks, you will have a grasp of what is in that big book. This will give you a greater confidence as you read it for yourself and listen to sermons. But even more than that, this series is designed to help you find your place in the big picture of God’s story. This means that we are not just going to focus on past Biblical history, but on how the story of grace affects our lives in the present. We could say that these messages will not only be informational, but practical as well. Hope to see you Sunday!

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