“Walk This Way”

This is message #3 in our Gospel for Real Life sermon series through the letter of James.


Those of you who are runners know how important good form is not only for enjoying running but for avoiding injury. Some of us have a tendency toward pronation or supination when running. Pronation is when your ankle rolls outward when running and supination is just the opposite.

Several years ago when buying new running shoes, the sales lady had me run on a treadmill in order to perform a video running gait analysis.

I was a bit surprised to discover that I needed running shoes with stability support to offset my tendency to pronate. Shoes with stability control help correct what would lead to eventual injury.

Throughout the Scriptures, the metaphor of walking and running is used to describe the activity of the Christian life.

In this passage, James critiques our stride in order to provide stability to help us run the race before us more effectively and avoid spiritual injury.

He is saying, “Walk this way.” He is saying, “Walk in God’s Ways.”

There are 4 things about walking in God’s ways that he shows us.


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