Want to Pray for Creekstone?

If you are wondering how you can pray for Creekstone over the next few weeks, here are some suggestions:

  1. Pray that we would be relentless about keeping the message of grace through the cross front and center in everything, from Sunday mornings to staff meetings.
  2. Pray that the many new folks who have become connected to the Creekstone community really will experience authentic community as we learn to live life together in the context of grace. 
  3. Pray that the staff team will have wisdom in planning for outreach and assimilation as we move into our second year of Sunday morning worship. Our first anniversary will be Aug. 21, when we are planning a special Vision Banquet in the high school cafeteria following the service.
  4. Pray for our our summer mini-series in Jonah, that begins this coming Sunday, “Mission Impossible.” The purpose of this three-week series will be to prime the pump of mission (its compelling motive, core message and potential impact) as we head into the new school year and begin an eight-month series in Romans entitled, “Extreme Makeover: How Grace Remodels Our Lives.” For a sermon archive of our recent series in 1 Peter, just go here. For more information on our “Mission Impossible” series, just go here. 


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