What I Do is Not Who I Am

Last week in a press conference, UGA football coach Mark Richt provided a rich gospel perspective on his life and vocation:

“I love the game of football. I love my job. I love Georgia. But what I do is not who I am,” Richt said. “I think sometimes if we become what we do, and then things aren’t going just right, then all of a sudden our entire world falls apart. I’ve got a faith in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and I know that God loves me and is going to take care of me. I just truly believe that. When all the games are done and all of life is lived, I know where I’ll be for eternity.”

He is right. What I do, whether good or bad, does not define who I am. The imputed righteousness of Jesus defines who I am. I have been graced. I am a forgiven, beloved Son of the Father. That is who I am. 


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