Why Does God Allow Suffering?

This past Sunday we talked a little bit about how there are two kinds of trials that actually are both expressions of God’s love for us: corrective love and perfective love. The Hebrews 12 and Luke 15 kind of “corrective love” bring us back home through awakening our souls to our need, and the 1 Peter 1 “perfective love” removes the dross from our faith, enabling us to have a purer satisfaction in the one, true source of eternal delight and perfect joy. This means that when we face hardship, God is not working against us; he working in us. 

We’ll talk more this week on this theme as we prepare to discuss trails, suffering and pain in more detail leading up to this Sunday’s message. But did you find the distinction between corrective and perfective love helpful?  

If you missed this week’s message (What Every Human Wants), you can get caught up by listening here, on the Creekstone website or via iTunes (search Creekstone Church). 


One thought on “Why Does God Allow Suffering?

  1. In this context, are we viewing “suffering” as synonymous with “evil,” or are we just talking about trials and hardships that aren’t necessarily good or evil?

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