Your Will be Done… or Mine?

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray. One of the key phrases is to submit ourselves to the sovereign, wise and perfect will of the Father with the prayer, “Your will be done.” That is easy to say; much harder to live. If I’m honest,  what I really want is for God to submit to my plan rather than align my desires with his plan. This is why reminding myself that God is not only my Father, but the Sovereign King of the Kingdom. And yet, he is not only the Sovereign King of the Kingdom, he is my “Father in heaven” who tells me in through the apostle Paul in Romans 8 that he is working all things for my ultimate good. I suppose what is good for me is to trust him. To walk with him. To know him. To submit to his will. After all, I am just a child. I don’t know what ultimately is best, or how one event connects to another and is part of God’s bigger story, as well as his micro story for my life. It is kind of like watching someone needle point from the back of the fabric. All you can see from that angle is randomly colored threads that have been sewn and cut. But the one who sews sees the pattern, and is working deliberately to make every stitch fit as the picture is more and more complete. God is the one who is sewing history. I am grateful that I’m in the picture, and that at the center is a glorious, crucified, risen and reigning Savior. And fixing my eyes on him is what enables me to put my will down, and pray, “Your will be done.”