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What if you had your Sunday sermon ready by Wednesday (instead of Saturday night)?

You can.

But it gets even better.

  • What if the prep process didn't only save you a ton of time but also dramatically increased sermon focus and clarity?

  • What if your preparation process produced relevant and personalized applications that flowed from the text and were motivated and empowered by the grace of living in union with Jesus, rather than the default moralism that plagues so many sermons?

  • What if your sermon were practically half-written before you even started?

Imagine how much sermon stress that would alleviate.

Imagine how much flexibility and increased bandwidth that would give you for scheduling appointments, ministry lunches, and taking time off... without the lingering stress of an unfinished sermon.

How much free time could be gained for taking a walk or playing with your kids?

What would it feel like to have your Saturday back?

My name is McKay Caston, and after preaching weekly for over twenty-six years, I now teach homiletics and theology in seminary and lead a doctoral program for pastors.

This is to say, I've been in your shoes and understand the gift and the pressure of preparing a new message every week (and sometimes, multiple messages).

Contrary to what some think, pastors do not just fish and play golf between Sundays. 😅

There is a lot to do.

In addition to creating sermons, we lead team meetings, facilitate small groups, disciple, counsel, participate in community events, plan ministry, respond to countless emails, and navigate unexpected crises.

The list goes on.

It's sad to admit, but after a long week of daily sermon prep, I still found myself up at 1:00 a.m. on many Saturday nights.

Anxious and frustrated that I'd been working on the message all week but still unclear about how to present the material, I would become confused and desperate.

Can you relate?

I think any honest pastor can.

I began thinking that there must be a better way.

And there is.

My problem was I didn't have a reliable preaching system.

Don't get me wrong. Sermon prep is hard work.

It is so hard that to sustain a long-term preaching ministry, we need a way to focus the process.

Think rifle vs shotgun.

Essentially, we need a system that is so effective that it practically writes half of our sermon before we even start.

It's called the PPGR Preaching System.

With this simple system, I will teach you how to...

  • Craft a complete sermon outline in under an hour,
  • Prepare a sermon with a step-by-step approach,
  • Complete your sermon by as early as Tuesday afternoon (allowing it to marinate all week... and allowing you to take a real day or two off),
  • Dramatically increase sermon focus and clarity,
  • Generate relevant, cross-tethered application for every listener,
  • Think movement rather than main points,
  • Talk like TED,
  • Speak so that unbelievers understand,
  • Value a simple, clear sermon more than a complex, confusing sermon,
  • Avoid distractions in sermon prep,
  • Use one anchor illustration versus many illustrations,
  • Bathe the entire process in prayer, and
  • Enjoy sermon prep more than ever before.

With version 2.0, the entire system has been expanded and updated, with over twenty-five modules and bonus resources. Also, review and discussion questions are now built into every video and text lesson, allowing you to personalize the material to your specific context.

What Friends are Saying

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The PPGR system is now my go-to way to craft all kinds of talks. Thanks, McKay!

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The PPGR system is an invaluable asset, providing a robust sermon structure that ensures each message is grounded in the gospel.

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Working through the PPGR points helps me get to the heart of what I want to communicate. What a blessing it is for me as a preacher to be led to the Cross!

If you think a preaching system like this could help or if you're just interested in trying it out, rest assured that every purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 🙌

If you're not satisfied, just let me know and I'll gladly return your payment in full.

No questions asked.

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