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Tasting the Grace of Wisdom (Another PPGR Example)

Cross-Tethered Preaching is a ministry devoted to helping pastors and teachers preach the fullness of God's grace by tethering every message to the cross of the risen and reigning Jesus.

This is another short example of the PPGR preaching system, which helps us preach and teach cross-tethered messages regardless of whether you're a preacher, a Sunday school teacher, or you lead a small group, a high school boys' discipleship group, etc.

The PPGR system is built for any teaching context.

This example is based on Proverbs 24:13, which says simply: "Eat honey, my son, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste. Know also that wisdom is like honey for you. If you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off."

Here's a brief summary of how you could frame a message on this text using the PPGR system:

Principle: Walking in the way of God's wisdom is the path of blessing and human flourishing.

It's sweet like honey.

If only we could walk in that wisdom of God!

Problem: Sadly, we've developed a taste for human wisdom.

We've assumed that God's ways are limiting and restrictive when they are actually freeing and life-giving.

Influenced by the world's "conventional wisdom," we've become fools by thinking we can be wise apart from God's design.

Furthermore, sin is not just wrong; rejecting God's wisdom is harmful and foolish.

This is where we pivot to the G—the gospel.

Gospel: Thankfully, the cross of Jesus has good news for fools.

On the cross, Jesus tasted not honey but gall so that we could taste the honey of grace.

He drank the cup of wrath for our foolish sins so we could drink the cup of mercy.

He was cut off so that we may be securely held in the love of the Father.

And know honey isn't something you can just describe and get it. You do have to taste it. You have to experience it.

Experiencing the justification of our sin and Jesus through his blood leads to our desire for sanctification, which pivots to the response.

Response: Having tasted the sweetness of His mercy, I gladly confess my inherent human foolishness and seek to be led by God's wisdom.

I surrender to his grace in the gospel for salvation and then surrender to his wisdom to guide me.

Both are true:

  • I need Jesus to save me, and
  • I need the Holy Spirit to guide me.

Invitation. A life of wisdom begins by resting in the redemptive kindness of God in Jesus.

If you have not received that kindness, if you have never rested in his grace, then I offer you the opportunity to respond by simply confessing your foolishness and receiving His mercy.

That is a simple PPGR movement of a message using the Principle, Problem, Gospel, and Response framework.

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