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The Better Way (A PPGR Example)

Below is an example of how to use the PPGR Preaching System to save time crafting focused, clear messages that are rooted in a specific text, address a problem with the human condition, tether the text and theme to the cross, and provide redemptive application that is grace-driven and Spirit-empowered.

Text: Isaiah 55:8-9

Keyword: better

P1—God's ways are better than ours.

P2—But my flesh resists submitting to God's wisdom, thinking that my ways are better than his.

G—The cross shows us how God's wisdom incarnate in Jesus chose the better, though harder, way—a way that provides grace upon grace for those who have rejected God's wisdom and find themselves broken by the fall.

R—In view of the cross, I want to follow Jesus's better way in the power of the Spirit, even if that better way is the harder way.

Once you find your keyword and create the four PPGR statements to frame the sermon, you just need to develop each section and fill in the gaps.

I explain how to do this in a step-by-step process outlined in the PPGR Preaching System. If you think it could help, get more information at the link below.

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