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The Dual Proclamation of the Cross & How Moral Superiority and Spiritual Insecurity are Red Flags for Acute Spiritual Danger

In this video, I want to share with you one of the most profound discoveries of my Christian life.

Nothing criticizes me more personally and deeply than the cross (law). At the same time, nothing validates me more completely and unreservedly than the cross (gospel).

Losing sight of this dual proclamation allows the leaven of moral superiority (a low view of law) and insecurity (a low view of the gospel) to grow like kudzu, blinding the heart and suffocating the soul.

However, embracing the dual proclamation of the cross by the Spirit has the power to produce true humility and joyful confidence.

Oh, how I want those God-glorifying and personally satisfying flavors tasted in my life!

The lesson: When I sense moral superiority or insecurity lurking within, I need to see that as an acute spiritual danger.

The cure is not to fight the symptoms but to focus faith afresh upon the theological declarations and personal implications of the blood of Jesus, shed freely and efficaciously to rescue me from the law by restoring me with the gospel to the Father as a fully forgiven, perfectly accepted, dearly loved child of God.

So, fight thoughts of spiritual/moral superiority and feelings of inferiority with blood—the blood of Jesus.

Is there an area of your life where this is a struggle? Do you tend to lean to one side or the other? Or maybe it fluctuates back and forth?

I believe if we can dig into this with honesty and help others to the same, gospel freedom awaits.

Footnote/original concept source: @timkellernyc

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