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The Heart of the Gospel: You'll Want to Weave This Into Every Sermon

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Below is another example sermon outline created with the PPGR Preaching System.

Keyword: heart

P) The heart of the gospel is substitution—"the righteous for the unrighteous" (1 Peter 3:18).

P) When our preaching neglects this focus, folks may become either disheartened (spiritually insecure) or hard-hearted (spiritually proud).

G) Thankfully, the cross speaks to both, humbling the hard-hearted and encouraging the disheartened.

R) The invitation of the gospel is for both to find rest in Jesus as one's sin-substitute by receiving his perfect righteousness as their new and true identity.

Standing side-by-side at the nail-scarred feet of Jesus, the formerly proud begins to manifest a heart of joyful gospel humility and the formerly insecure a heart of joyful gospel confidence.

The transforming power of grace is a beautiful thing.

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