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Two Ways to Teach: They're Not Equals

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Below is an example of how to frame a sermon using the PPGR Preaching System.

P) Paul tells Timothy to teach in such a way that cultivates practical love in the lives of his listeners (1 Tim. 1:5-7).

P) This is in contrast to those who speak "mataiologian/ματαιολογίαν" (vain, empty, fruitless words)—words devoid of grace (in content and tone).

G) As the ultimate expression of practical love, the cross of Jesus speaks words that oikodome/οἰκοδομή (build up, nurture, and cultivate fruit). If we listen closely, we'll hear some of those words from the lips of Jesus, such as, "It is finished!"

When heard and received by faith, those words become miracle grow in the heart, producing the kind of fruit Paul desires to see in Timothy's ministry—practical love that comes full circle.

R) So, let's make a clear connection to the substitutionary atonement of the cross as the salt for every sermon we preach.

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