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Four Simple Ways to Improve Sermon Delivery

Sermon content is more important than sermon delivery. So, why pay attention to delivery? Because taking simple steps to improve delivery can be a means to more effectively communicate the content of the gospel as kindling for the Spirit to ignite.

Here are four simple ways to improve sermon delivery.

(1) Speak to the back of the room without yelling so that even if you didn't have a microphone, the person in the back could hear you clearly. Voice projection is a bigger factor than you may imagine in communication. And the mic can be adjusted.

(2) If you do not write a full sermon manuscript (and I highly recommend writing a word-for-word manuscript, even for transitional statements), write the first sentence of each illustration word for word.

(3) Memorize the first and last sentences of your sermon. We appreciate pilots who provide a smooth take-off and landing, right? People in the pews will appreciate the same in a preacher who takes the extra effort to make a smooth take-off and landing when preaching.

(4) Smile more. Probably a lot more. 🙂

What would you add?

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