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From Throwing Stones to Showing Mercy

For Christians to be salt and light (i.e., a gospel influence for the kingdom of God) in a post-Christian culture, we must put down our rocks.

The rock-throwing “Christian” is not only a misnomer and a bad look, it’s a fundamentally hypocritical posture.

For the disciple of Jesus, my focus is not on what “they’ve” done that deserves my judgment but what “I’ve” done that deserves God’s judgment.

After all, Jesus is the one who is sinless. He is the only one qualified to cast stones of judgment. And yet he allowed them to be thrown at himself—not us.

So, in that moment of reckoning, I’ll either see the cross and have my heart melted by love or I’ll put on the armor of self-righteous indignation and have my heart hardened with hatred.

The difference is what we do with mercy. Will it flow to us but not through us?

Jesus tells a parable about this in Matthew 18. Check it out.

For those convicted (like me), what an opportunity for fresh repentance and joyful faith in a Friend who took the rocks we deserve so that we can influence the world, not by throwing rocks, but by sharing his kindness.

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