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Special Video Post: How Rediscovering the Grandeur of God's Grace Changes Us

Much appreciation to Serge and Jim Lovelady for the opportunity to be a guest on the Grace at the Fray podcast to discuss how discovering (and rediscovering) the grandeur of the gospel changes us.


“Prepare to be enlightened, challenged, and inspired as you join McKay Caston and Jim on this profound exploration of the grandeur of the gospel. McKay shares his personal journey from self-reliance to the liberating concept of grace, including the timeless truths within the book of Galatians and discovering what repentance truly means. This conversation invites us to look honestly at our need for Jesus and how that uncomfortable honesty paves the pathway to a renewed and fruitful life." -


In the video below, we discuss…

  • the life-altering power of coming alive to the awe and wonder of God's grace,
  • the impact of gospel mentors,
  • how repentance is not simply turning from sin to Jesus, but turning with sin to Jesus,
  • how exchanging our rags for “the green jacket” of Jesus’ gift-righteousness changes us,
  • how effective small group facilitators lead from a place of repentance and vulnerability,
  • and more.

We also discuss my recently released book/small group study from New Growth Press, Galatians: Navigating Life in View of the Cross.

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