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When I Feel Like I’ve Blown It for the Last Time, This Helps

Sometimes an awareness of my remaining sinfulness makes me feel so far from the Father. Despised. Worthy of rejection. 

I try to preach the cross to myself. But sometimes the voice of condemnation in my head is too strong and I despair. 

For some reason, when I pile all the sin I can gather like sticks for a bonfire and light it with this song, the grace of the Father in Jesus breaks through and I BELIEVE. Such peace and inexpressible joy mixed with a deep, renewed desire to follow Jesus—to genuinely surrender all. Anyway, below is the song on YouTube.

Listen here —>

Notice how the lyrics move from the grace of propitiation, to the grace of adoption, to the grace of sanctification. "Wrath completely satisfied... Once an enemy, now seated at your table... Lover of my soul, I want to live for you!"

With the WHOLE life singing the refrain, "Jesus, thank you!" 🙏

Such a helpful way to remember, rejoice, and be renewed in the gospel.

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